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“It is the story of a sacred tree, whose fruit contains a miraculous oil. For centuries, this tree called Shea, Karité or Shitulu, has been offering beauty and well-being to millions of men and women in Africa.”

This is a beautiful story, but what do we truly know about this African sacred tree exploited for centuries at the expense of African women?

Since 2005, Karethic’s mission has been to promote, and this, beyond the miracle products stories told in a thousand and one ways in the medias, the true Shea butter story; the African women sacred balm, the handmade unrefined shea butter story. A fascinating butter symbolising African spirituality. A gift of nature, unknown by consumers, because it is too often altered by refinement. A cultural heritage transferred from generations to generations, by thousands of female producers in Africa.

Karethic, Benin’s handmade shea, brings together 12 co-ops of female producers of shea, partners of the company Karethic Benin and its “little sister” Terrethic France.

Why Opting for an Integrated Value Chain?

Because we guarantee you the best of what Shea has to offer including the unmatched know-how of the female producers, from the raw material to the final product: a fresh butter, naturally purified and full of its repairing proprieties.

Because the interest that you take in our products can directly help impacting the producers’ activity, their knowledge and their ecological heritage.

Therefore, from the Atacora Region – where shea almonds are harvested and shea butter is produced in Cotonou (the capital city of Benin) and the Rhône-Alpes Region (Terrethic’s Headquarters), Karethic’s shea butter follows one unique journey without an intermediary.

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