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Did you know that women, absorb up to 2.5 kg of chemicals through their skin and spend or waste at least $370 million per year on lotions, creams and serums? Thanks to our daily beauty routine of cleansing, moisturizing and makeup, we spend thousands and thousands of dollars trying to look our best and to feel our best by believing that the next new product will give us forever youth . Unfortunately for us all, chemical based products that we are putting on our skin can be very damaging for our health, our overall well-being and the environment.

My Name is Vanessa Piton Wisdom and I am the founder of The French Organic Company . Ever since I can remember I have been aware of, and concerned about, the nasty chemicals in our modern world and the impact they have on our bodies and our environment. .My passion for natural health, natural beauty and a true concern for environmental issues is deep-seated.

When I had my first child I became particularly aware of the products I used for cooking, cleaning and freshening my home and body. I sought out non-toxic alternatives to replace as many of these chemical-laden products as possible. But it was when I was searching for some true organic cosmetics that were innovative, chic and glamorous, with an ethical and environmental conscience, that I struggled to find anything in Australia.

During a voyage back home to France in 2010 I found what I was after. I discovered that my country of birth had embraced organic and sustainable living with vigour. Having learnt that France - obviously well known for its cosmetic industry - had started to develop amazing innovative products in an organic and more sustainable way, I was hooked and that was it. I HAD to bring these products back to my new home and share with Australian women.

Ever since, I have made it my mission to search my old country of France to find the Slow organic cosmetic that are good for you and our planet. That’s why I import the ZAO makeup range, a French organic brand, certified organic, refillable, ethical and with the slow cosmetic label that is beneficial for your skin. It is also really lovely to use and performs as well as any conventional makeup.

A bit more about me ....

Originally from a micro village in the Loire valley, I grew up in an organic, sustainable lifestyle at my grand-parent`s farm. I moved to Australia 17 years ago after meeting my Australian husband. I was 24 and life was just beginning …

I’m now a mother of 3 boys, my sport of choice is Taekwon-do, and it was when I had my first child that things changed for me. I was working full time as a medical interpreter and I hated leaving my child with a carer all day, yet I felt I couldn’t be a full time mum either. I wanted to create something for me that I could share with Australian women. I wear my heart on my sleeve and tear up at everything ... especially at airports :)

What I believe in:

I believe that MOTHER NATURE has got it covered and offers us everything we need to be healthy and beautiful 

I believe that you don`t need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on cosmetics to achieve a beautiful healthy and glowing skin .

I believe that makeup is there to enhance your beauty not to hide it.

I believe that beauty comes from the inside out.

I believe that "Less is More " 

I believe in BALANCE, in all aspects of life work, family, health and fun .

I believe enjoying life is not about restrictions but in knowing when enough is enough. As a true French person I love my baguette, my cheeses and my wine.

I exercise moderately, eat wholesome food, enjoy spending time with family and friends, and try to have as much fun as possible!

What people Say about The French Organic Company.

"These products are fabulous! I have recently tried the compact foundation, mascara and powder and I LOVE them. The colours are rich and the packaging superb! I can't recommend them - and the French Organic Company - highly enough!"

"I absolutely love my mascara, eyeliner, blusher and bronzer! Organic makeup in beautiful, sustainable packaging. Thank you Vanessa. I love forward to placing my next order"


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