My Story


My name is Vanessa Piton Wisdom and I am the founder of The French Organic Company. Ever since I can remember I have been aware of, and concerned about, the nasty chemicals in our modern world and the impact they have on our bodies and our environment. My passion for natural health, natural beauty and environmental issues is deep-seated.

I became acutely aware of the products I used for cooking, cleaning and freshening my home and body when I had my first child.  With the knowledge that I was completely responsible for the health and wellbeing of another human being I sought out non-toxic alternatives for as many of these chemical-laden products as possible. Thankfully there were substitutes to be found for most of the cleaning products; it was a different story however, when it came to finding organic, ethically produced cosmetics that were still glamorous.

During a voyage home to France in 2010 I made a wonderful discovery: my country of birth had embraced organic and sustainable living with vigour. Having learnt that France (obviously well known for its cosmetic industry) was developing beautiful innovative products in an organic and ethical way, I knew I had finally found what I was looking for - not only for my personal use but for the women of my new home, Australia.  

I made it my mission to search France to find the best organic cosmetics that are clean, good for you and our planet. That’s why I import the ZAO makeup range: a certified organic, refillable, ethical brand with the ‘slow cosmetic label’ that is beneficial for your skin. It is also really lovely to use, offers vibrant colours and performs just as well as any conventional makeup. 

My vision for this business is to offer more than just makeup; it is my starting point and a passion but it is not everything. Holistic wellbeing is important to me, so skincare, cleaning and other health-related products are also on the list of things to offer.

A bit more about me ....

Originally from a micro village in the Loire valley, I grew up on my grandparent’s farm. Living simply, sustainably and organically was just a way of life there. It wasn’t a fad, it wasn’t fashionable, it just was. We made a lot from a little, we ate what was in season, and we recycled everything.  Mother Nature provided what we needed and we wanted for nothing, nor wasted anything.

I didn’t know much about life outside of that village until I met an Aussie when I was 24 years old. He cycled into town and into my life.  We travelled, lived in big cities, and experienced amazing things.

Now a mother of 3 boys, my home is Melbourne and my sport of choice is Taekwon-do.  I love socialising and I wear my heart on my sleeve; I tear up at anything emotional, especially airports.

Everything changed for me when I had my first child. I was working full time as a medical interpreter and whilst I hated leaving my boy with a carer all day, I felt I couldn’t be a full time stay-at-home mum either. I wanted a fulfilling business that offered flexibility and something unique that was in line with my lifestyle that I could share with Australian women. The French Organic Company is just that.

I do what I do because I love to share my philosophy and because I made a choice to put my family first.

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